So, by the pictures above, you can see that the MP3 player came in a 5 in box.  I am thinking to myself that, this is a pretty good size (the picture on the box), and then I opened the box up and I was in for a very big surprise!  The MP3 player is actually 2 inches long!! Ha! Ha! Ha!  I was not expecting a “tiny” little domino sized device.  I am going to have to be very careful with whom I give this to, my daughter would lose it within a few minutes.  I charged it up first for about an hour, then I plugged the MP3 player into my computer port.

I did not have to open Itunes or any other program as it started on its own, opened up a page to a music site that I can’t remember and started downloading the music that I had on my laptop.  I thought that was pretty darned cool!  So after it downloaded the music, I disconnected from my laptop and plugged in the head phones.  The sound was pretty good and the head phones have 3 functioning buttons. Power, reverse and forward, Ha!Ha! Just like those new push button cars!! NOT! lol Sorry, I’m just feeling a little jokester like today.  So no kidding and all serious now!   It has power button, and two arrows that function as follows: *Continuous press two times” + “key or” – “button , open Shuffle play, And then continuous press two times, close shuffle play.
*Long press “+” button to increase the volume. Long press”-” button to lower the volume.

The instructions say that the player will go for 7-8 hours of constant play before requiring another charge. It also has a detachable clip that comes with it so you can clip to your pocket or belt.

This mini MP3 player is available on for $19.99 for now, and can be purchased here.

I hope you enjoyed my review, please leave a comment if you like it or think it needs improvement.  Thank you!


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