This is the portable power bank by Uni-Yeap and they are right!  The first thing I did when this delivery came, was to take it out of the box and feel the weight of the thing.  It is heavy!  So, I knew right away that this was above standard unit.

I must say that I was very eager to try this out because of the impact it could have on one’s busy life!  First thing I did was read the instructions (hello guys!), and learned quite a bit just from that.  The bank comes FULLY charged and ready to go right from the box!  Now a friend of mine had bought one similar but hers was  not as heavy and did NOT come fully charged.  She had to plug hers in and let it charge overnight before she was able to use it. As you see by the pictures above I turned it on right away and plugged my iPod into it.  There is two ports, so if you and a friend need to charge at the same time, you can.  Or, if you have two different devices you need to charge at the same time, you can do that too!

Okay, after I plugged my iPod in, after only a few minutes (and I do mean a few) my iPod was almost charged.  So this unit charges fast and get THIS!  When power bank is fully charged, it holds enough juice to charge your phone up to 6 times unless you are using the Pokemon thing.  In that case, it eats it up!  This unit can be a lifesaver for travelers and non-travelers alike.  For instance, you had to go to the hospital because of an emergency in your family and you end up staying for a couple of days.  As long as you didn’t stay on your phone 24/7, this bank alone would carry you over.  If course, just take the charger with you and you will be fine too.

Now here is the kicker!  This device is ONLY $21.99!!!  You can buy it at by clicking here.  Please leave a comment below if you found this review helpful and click on the FOLLOW button to see more of my reviews!  Thank you so much for reading and have a very BLESSED day!


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