Ladies!! Do you miss that sexy feeling you used to have?  Do you miss dressing (down) for your man??  Well, now is the time to rev it up! The maker of these gorgeous lingerie sets has a beautiful line of them in many different sets.  They come in all sizes from XS up to 6X, yes I said 6X!  Who says that only slender women can look and feel sexy in pretty lingerie?

There are many, I said MANY full sized women out there that would love to feel beautiful and sexy for their man!  Of course when you go to the “Lingerie” store, you only find sizes that fit smaller sized women.  Sometimes, I won’t walk into a “Victoria Secret” or any other lingerie shop because I have seen the looks we fuller sized women get.  And yes, I am telling you that I am a full size woman and proud of it!  I like to feel beautiful and sexy just like any other woman even though I am 57 years old. There!  I said it! I am 57 and a plus size full figured woman who likes to feel sexy and beautiful!!

So (I) obtained this blue negligee just above and I love it!  GRRRR! There is nothing binding about the waist or the neckline.  You adjust the neckline according to your comfort level therefore it is comfortable.  Very, very comfortable for the short amount of time you may be wearing it(wink, wink)!  Now, the bottoms are just an added bonus in my opinion, they also accommodate the larger size derrieres!

Now, let me tell you what the kicker is!!! You can go to the larger department stores and find similar, but you are going to pay out the wazoo for them.  This particular company has most of there lingerie priced between $5.99 and up.  I believe mine was around $7.99. Free shipping is you have Amazon Prime.  So! There you have it, lingerie for larger size women(up to 6x) at an unbeatable price.

You can purchase your choice by clicking here, and going to

I hope you have enjoyed my review of the Ruzishun Lingerie line!  Please leave a post and let me know if you did, and even better, click on the FOLLOW button be low and stay updated to more reviews to come.  Thank you very much!  Tina M Delp


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