I have a new cat!!! Well, not exactly new, I rescued her about 4 months ago. A couple of girls found her under the hood of their truck just a screaming!  Poor thing was so scared, they named her Siren because of her loud mews for help!  Anyway, they posted on Facebook that they needed a new forever home for her and she was not very friendly!  I contacted them and had them bring her to me and the rest is history! I just love Siren, and I shower her with toys, which is why I am writing about this one.  I saw it on a post and had to have it for her, I new she would love it because she scoots things across the floor and then chases them.

When I first gave it to her see she ran off with it and I thought I would never see it again but a little while later she came back with it and started tossing it around.  Let me tell you how hard it is to get a cat to stop long enough so you can get a picture of her playing with her new toy.  The ball is made by SoftPaws, it is a plastic little ball with feathers sticking out of the top.  It hasn’t fell apart as of a week later and believe me if it wasn’t well made, she would have broken it by now as it is her favorite toy now.

As usual, this is available at Amazon.com, it is priced at $9.99 and you can get it by clicking here.  Amazon will open up in a new window when you click on it.  Please follow me and let me keep you updated on things from Amazon and other places.  Or just to say hi and whether or not you liked the blog!


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