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My “personal” opinion of these lights are EXCELLENT!  This is a set of glass blown, colored, globe lights put out by Ankway!  They are solar powered and very bright when lit up! The come in all different colors but this set had red, blue, green, and yellow!  The have 8 different  modes of flashing from and are heavy little globes, not fragile little ones.

These little lights are very versatile and will go anywhere you want to put them.  They come with a stake so you can pt them on the ground near your driveway or bushes. You can hang them on your porch or in a tree, just as long as the solar panel is facing the sun.  After a few hours in the sun, they will automatically come on at dark and stay on for several hours. You don’t have to worry about running out and turning them on or turning them off. There is a power switch on the back so make sure you turn them on and decide which mode you want them to display.

This last set of pictures are the actually lit globes on my dining room table.  I used a flashlight to heat them up for just a few minutes and they were ready to go. So even if you have a room you would like to display them in, it would work as long as they got some light during the day or even if you hung the solar panel in a window.

They are available at, they $12.89-$12.99 (not sure why the dime difference), but they are worth it when you think how much electricity they will save you! I highly recommend them and they can be bought here: so go get you some. They have several varieties to choose from.


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